Website Updates: Changes and Additions to Your Website

Jun 17 2016

warsaw e-commerceTime is of the essence, is a term used in the legal profession in contract law to ensure work is completed by certain date or material harm will result. How does your website design company approach updates to your website? With a sense of urgency or will excuses and delays?

At Red Triangle Marketing we have a team that covers all hours of all days. What does that means for our clients? If you email, text, or call us on Friday at 10pm, Sunday at 2am or Wednesday at 3pm. We have staff ready to work immediately on your changes or additions and we will respond with a specific date and time for completion. Continue Reading »


After multiple denials that there was an issue by our website host and shopping cart vendor, we turned to RTM. Within 1 day they had not only diagnosed, but corrected the issue. We couldn’t be happier with their superior customer service and responsiveness!

Michelle K.

Our website marketing plan got results in the first 6 month.

Susan M.